MKS Instruments, Inc. extends its GTS-V Series of Newport High Precision Vertical Linear Stages with the new GTS70V providing 70 mm of precision vertical travel. The Newport GTS-V vertical stages feature exceptionally long travel ranges, high speeds and unmatched sensitivity, accuracy and repeatability.

The ultra-quiet, anti-creep, crossed roller bearings of the GTS-V stages provide optimum bearing contact for outstanding trajectory and precise, ripple free motion. Matched with a folded DC motor with a precision ground, low-friction lead screw, the GTS70V delivers smooth motion at high loads of up to 40N or even 70N in the GTS70VCC version. A reduction belt between the motor and the lead screw increases the available output torque and reduces servo sensitivity.

Precision position feedback is supplied by a linear scale encoder, which contributes to the sub-micron minimum incremental motion (MIM) of 0.1µm and makes the GTS-V less susceptible to hysteresis. The CC version features a motor mounted rotary encoder enabling a higher load capacity, while still delivering a very good MIM of 0.6 µm.   

The Newport GTS70V is ESP-compatible. When connected to a Newport controller, the stage will be recognized instantly and all operating parameters will be configured automatically without the need for user input.

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